Developmental experts explain children possess scientific disciplines long before their elementary years. Providing children with a learning environment to continue prior classroom knowledge can be effective for children who may need hands-on experiences to expand their learning process. Our new STEM After-School Program will provide children the opportunities to explore various science, technology, engineering, and mathematics activities through practicum experiences and field trips to local museums, universities, corporations, and more. During all STEM engagement, students are encouraged to use proper STEM terminology when demonstrating skills. STEM terminology is commonly used by experts in the field to expand the application process and communicate the proper steps of project completion. 
Students learn to explore the scientific disciplines associate with physics, chemistry, psychology, and biology to begin the process of inquiry.
Students explore the evolution process of technology including STEM materials and tools commonly used by professions in the field.
Students advance their “critical and design thinking” skills to develop new or existing materials. Through their discovery, students comprehend the functionality of the materials used to design.
Students incorporate mathematics throughout all STEM core components to ensure a successful process. Students build on prior knowledge acquired from the classroom to various projects and activities.
This new program will begin in 2019 and we would love to have you join our STEM Warriors! For inquiry and registration, click here