Computer Coding

An Adventure into Computer Coding for Youth


The education system is constantly changing  because of the advances in technology. Introducing coding to our youth at a young age exposes them to the world of technology. It allows them to explore the career fields, the critical thinking skill set , and the creativity that is needed in the field.

This class explores technology on a different level. It challenges students to think about what it takes for the apps, games, and search engines to work.  This class could be the start of  careers in engineering, computer programming, software development, game designing, and other technology fields.

Why expose my child to coding?

Coding is a skill that will allow students to be     advanced and ready for the coming of age learning.  Several groups around the world are starting to add coding to the  core curriculum because of the    advances in technology. A lot of jobs will require some sort of coding knowledge as technology    advances.  That means we can give our children the advantage by exposing them to the principles early.  Students will receive a coding certificate when they successfully complete the class.

Technology affects every field

According to Microsoft, 67% of software is outside of the tech industry– in banking, retail, government, entertainment, etc,.  There is a growing need for problem solving skills on jobs that require exposure to a variety of skill sets. Coding provides that skill.

Let’s work together to have our children prepared for the 1,000,000 unfilled programming jobs that will be in demand by 2020.