After School

After School Programs

The Bethlehem Academy offers various after school programs for students after the normal school hours. We have Tutoring for Success, Sports, and Coding for the 2015/2016 school year.


Tutoring for Success

Tutoring for Success Program is a comprehensive tutoring program to assists students in mastering academic skills and course work as well as enhancing academic excellence.  The program provides tutoring in all academic subject areas prescribed by the state and local education agencies.  Tutoring is provided for groups, individuals and on-line.  Each student will be assessed and provided and Individualized Excellence Plan (IEP). Tutoring sessions are structured and tailored to student needs. Tutoring services include the following:

  1. Student Identification
  2. Reading Assessment
  3. Learning Styles Assessment
  4. Group Tutoring
  5. Individual Tutoring                               
  6. On-line Tutoring
  7. Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  8. Individualized Excellence Plans (IEP)
  9. On-going evaluations
  10. Pre Assessments
  11. Mid-Term Assessment
  12. Post Assessment
  13. Program Evaluation

At the conclusion of the tutoring term, the student will have a thorough understanding of the subject matter and will master goals and objective set in their IEP.  In instances of learning or other deficiencies, differences or disabilities, students may experience a slower pace of learning.


  • Tutors will be educators who are trained in the subject to be tutored. 
  • All tutors will be trained by the TSP staff before providing tutoring for students
  • Tutors will expect and encourage excellence from all students 
  • Tutors will set and meet goals and mastery levels for students
  • Tutors will be required to consider student IEPs, learning styles and abilities; and provide instruction in accordance
  • Tutors will be expected to be creative in the teaching and learning process
  • Tutors will be expected to challenge and encourage students to be active learners
  • Tutors are expected to start and end tutoring sessions on time and provide tutoring the entire sessions
  • Tutors will be evaluated by student engagement and student success
  • Tutors will have individual contracts with TSP


  • Students will receive an Individualized Excellence Plan (IEP)
  • Students will be required to attend and participate in all tutoring session
  • All students will be assessed in Reading before tutoring begins
  • Math students will be assessed on basic math skills and math vocabulary
  • Student transcripts and most recent test scores will be required
  • Students will be expected to complete all ancillary assignments made by tutors
  • Students will be assessed before during and at the conclusion of tutoring program (duration of program)
  • Students will be expected and encouraged to succeed
  • Students demonstrating disruptive behavior will be dismissed from the program

Tutoring Sessions:

  • Sessions will be lead by a professional/trained tutor
  • Tutoring sessions will be 45 minutes to one hour in duration
  • Sessions will include a review, instruction and time for students to ask questions
  • Sessions may be: group, individual or computerized
  • Sessions will be on-task at all times
  • Sessions must be interactive
  • Sessions will start and end on time
  • Electronic devise are not permitted unless being used for tutoring purposes


  • All Students will be assessed
  • All Students will take a reading assessment
  • All students will take a learning styles assessments
  • Math students will take a basic skills and vocabulary assessment
  • Student transcripts and test scores will be used in their assessment and IEP
  • Assessments will be used to develop the student IEP, not to label students


  • Pre and post test will be given
  • Student success in class will be utilized
  • Student grade in class
  • Student success on state evaluation will be a measure of success (TAKS, STAAR)
  • Tutors will be evaluated by students, students success and administration
  • TSP will be evaluated by students, staff and administration

The Tutoring for Success Program operates from the premise that all student can learn given the proper tools, instruction and environment.  We recognize that students have individual differences and learning styles, thus the tutoring program is designed to identify and enhance the student’s academic skills and abilities as well encourage students to become successful in the area of their choice.  The program not only provides tutoring but academic and individual support to enhance the student’s abilities and opportunities to pursue excellence.